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How does polymeric sand even work and why we use it?

As time progresses technology improves everything, even something as seemingly simple as sand. When a patio is laid down there are always spaces between the brick. These spaces for many years were filled with basic brick sand to help prevent shifting of the pavers. As well as debris and weeds from invading the spaces and ruining the look of your patio. The problem with basic brick sand is that it doesn’t do as good of a job as it should. It doesn’t bind to the pavers to help prevent shifting, it does not prevent weeds very well. It will have no effect on stopping ants from getting under your patio, digging up your base and causing pavers to sink. It also washes out easily, especially around the edges or in a swale where water is getting directed to from other areas of the patio. The introduction of polymeric sand really revolutionized the installation of patios and increased the value of the product.