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Home away from home, Make your backyard a cottage get away!

There is a new trend occurring in southern Ontario. Many of you may have been wondering why your neighbor across the street is doing so much work on their backyard.

-"Isn't that such a waste of money! They are going a little overboard don't you think."

We here at Birk's understand that point of view however we kindly disagree. Many people are forgoing purchasing cottages and or selling their cottages to install a much cheaper luxury landscape in their backyard. This is much cheaper than spending the half a million or more someone would spend on a nice cottage now a days. You get to use it far more often, keep only one mortgage payment and only have a 5 second commute, walking too, and opening your backdoor. We are hearing of this trend time and time again when we go out on our quotes and to us it makes perfect sense a well landscaped backyard with a nice pool will normally run between 80 thousand and 250 depending on the size and the grandeur of the project, which is expensive, we understand but typically a fraction of the cost of owning a secondary home.

If a homeowner is choosing this option many luxury outdoor living indulgences become more justifiable and can really add to your home away from home experience.

Outdoor kitchens are one of my favorite accent pieces that we install on people’s properties. They are an essential element if someone wants the ultimate entertainment space in their backyard. If someone has the budget and the space in their backyard, we would highly recommend people to think of this addition to their outdoor living spaces.

Next would be an in closed outdoor bar or lounge area with an outdoor forno or fireplace and a television. This is the ultimate outdoor living space. It allows those who have it to entertain outside later without being disturbed by mosquitoes and watch their favorite family shows with the kids outside under the stars. We haven’t had the privilege of installing many of these structures at this point however with these becoming ever more popular we are looking forward to working with more people to incorporate these in their spaces.

A swim Spa is an option that some home owners go with as well. These are good for homeowners that want many landscape elements in their backyard however space is an issue. A swim spa is an endless pool that allows one to swim and stay in the same location in the pool. It is not as popular as a traditional pool or hot tub however it is an option that home owners can consider.

A hot tube that is enclosed in natural stone is a very luxurious and attractive option people can consider when deciding on their landscape.

There really are endless possibilities for home owners to choose from when they have decided to make their backyard a dream get away. I am going to end by leaving you a video of some of the best landscape ideas of 2018. Some may not be for our region however many can be adapted to fit our climate.

Daniel Hogenbirk

Landscape Foreman

Birk’s Landscaping Inc.

(905) 404-0602

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