Snow Removal

Birk's Winter Property Maintenance services run from November to March, and plowing commences from the first snow fall to the last snow fall of the season. Our services can include clearing driveways, parking lots, walkways, stairs, entrances and fire hydrants; as well as the option of de-icing materials such as rock salt or calcium chloride. Birk's will also supply equipment for on-site relocation of snow or offer off site removal services when required.


We have an excellent rapport with our suppliers based on our purchasing volume, perfect payment schedule, and long business relationships. This proved invaluable during the winters of 2008's & 2013's salt shortages. Not only was Birk's made a priority Customer, but combined with our storage capabilities at our yard of over 40 tonnes, Birk's was still putting down salt for our customers even as the city needed to put down sand.